Want To Import Products from China to the USA?

by Douthitt Steve

Several factors get considered when calculating the cost of shipping from China to the USA. For this reason, the price keeps changing. There is no given time when the shipping cost will be constant. However, in the USA, cargo worth $800 is taxed, but those below the amount are tax-free. Below are the costs an importer needs to take care of when importing from China to USA.

1. The courier cost
The Courier Service you choose will charge you depending on the size or weight of your cargo. Some charge depending on the urgency of the shipment; others will charge you for keeping them before you collect your package. It’s essential to pay these charges for your cargo to be released to you, failure to which your load will be withheld.

2. Logistics and transport cost
After your cargo gets booked, the transportation method is chosen, after which other logistics such as special permits get taken care of. In most cases, you might need to pay these costs in both countries. Talk to your forwarder to know the expenses taken care of and the one’s not paid.

3. The product cost
Before the supplier talks about the shipment method, you need to have paid for the products. Product cost is paid to take care of things such as production cost, the cost of the material, and labor. Unless your supplier is fond of you, you’re required to cater for this cost, after which your shipment will get booked.

4. Import tax duties
Import tax is the cost you pay when your shipment arrives in the country. In some cases, you pay before the shipment leaves the country you are importing from. The value of the products is a determinant when import tax duties get calculated. Import duties get imposed for several reasons, among them being for the local government to benefit when locally produced goods have a market advantage.

5. Customs broker cost
Customs brokers are individuals who help importers deal with laws set to import goods for them to get cleared at the port. Customs brokers use their experience to ensure that your cargo gets cleared for entry to the country. A brokerage fee is the fee importers pay customs brokers to take care of their cargo clearance.

6. Customs bond
Customs bond is a contract between the importer and customs authority, stating that the importer will take care of all taxes and duties imposed on the cargo during importation. Customs bond should be paid using a reliable company for you to import goods

7. Anti-dumping duties
It is a form of a duty imposed by the US government on some imported items. Anti-dumping duties get imposed to prevent producers of similar products from importing cheap ones from other countries. It prevents possible competition to the prices in the country.

Final Thoughts
As easy as it looks, importing goods from China to the USA isn’t an easy task. An importer should be financially prepared to take care of all costs. For an importer to get their shipment, the above costs need to be paid in full. They are therefore required to have extensive knowledge of their shipment to avoid miscalculations.


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