How to Choose the Right Server Cabinet

by Douthitt Steve

A server cabinet is quite expensive. Therefore, it is critical to choose one that suits your needs. Ensure you purchase your server cabinet from a reputable Network Rack Manufacturer. The following are some of the things you should consider when selecting a server cabinet.

Cooling Systems

Your choice of server cabinet is dependent on the cooling system installed in your building. It is advisable to get a server cabinet that allows effective airflow to help in the optimization of cold air usage. The rise in energy costs is a critical factor to consider. Ensure you buy a rack with adequate space for efficient airflow and cable management.

Power Management

Battery backup or power management units are critical factors to consider when selecting a server cabinet with a number of outlets. You should consider the remote power products that include intelligent power strips that can reduce server downtime. Also, it should allow for solving reboot problems from remote locations through internet access. On the other hand, the standard power strips can offer important information but require on-site management.

Cabinet Size

Nowadays, indoor racks and cabinets are available in different sizes. Some of the key benefits and features include durable construction, thermal efficiency, secure locking systems, hybrid designs, and cable management accessories and options. It is advisable to choose a server cabinet with adequate internal space that can accommodate your equipment and accessories. Moreover, you need to consider the available floor space. Ensure you determine the correct height of your cabinet to make it easy to transport and meet safety regulations. The right cabinet should not be too heavy to move around.


Nowadays, most businesses are looking for ways they can enhance their security solutions. That explains why the demand for server cabinet is quite high. Server cabinet manufacturers have incorporated security features to prevent vandalism. Some of the things to look for include fire protection, rear doors, lockable doors, and space for CCTV.

Cabinet Design

Selecting the appropriate server rack and cabinet and configuring it to match the business needs ensures your IT equipment operates efficiently and reliably. Also, it helps improve cable management, physical security, and power protection. Design considerations include an indoor cabinet width, height, load rating, and depth. Moreover, you need to consider room attributes, cable management, environmental protection, and equipment placing. There are different cabinet accessories and cabinet options you should consider, such as mounting rails, shelving, socket strips, and castor kit.

Fit and Dimensions

Ensure you determine dimensions that can fit in your place. It is advisable to get additional cabinet space to accommodate future expansions. Remember that external dimensions ought to fit through stairways and meet the clearance regulations.

Aesthetics and Functional Requirements

You need to consider aesthetic and functional elements that enhance the way you use the server cabinet. For example, it should have good cooling, cabling, and power distribution. For power distribution, you should consider outlet, redundancy, and AMP requirements. You should note that proper ventilation is quite important to ensure that servers function as required.

The above are some of the things to consider when choosing a data cabinet. It is advisable to carry out extensive research for in-depth understanding find a cabinet that suits your needs.

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