Do You Know Adobe Acrobat Alternative?

by Douthitt Steve

For most people, the PDF editor is the most useful tool on their computer. PDF editors’ importance cannot be overemphasized as it helps in carrying basic editing tasks in no time. The most popular PDF editor for some years has been Adobe Acrobat editor. This editor offers plenty of features, but its use is often limited to specific capabilities. More sophisticated Adobe Acrobat alternative 2020 PDF editors have been developed in recent times. offers an extensive analysis of some of the major selling points of some of these PDF editors.

These software offer a quick and intuitive approach to PDF editing on the MAC OS platform. You are bound to fall in love with the great features that come with these tools while editing your PDF. Here are some of the editors’ highlight features;

User Interface: The user interface of any software goes a long way to determine its level of user-friendliness. The interface has to be very intuitive to get the job done faster. It’s no hidden truth that some PDF editors have a very clumsy interface; For PDF expert, the design is one that’s built to taste. The interface is clean and user-adaptive; it comes with a variety of options. Useful options like bookmarks, annotation, and outlines can easily be accessed without stress.

Extensive editing: The primary function of a PDF editor is to help in customizing your PDF to your taste. PDF expert does not lack in this regard as it offers you a variety of editing functions. You can add images, links, shapes, and even signatures to your PDF document in no time. Furthermore, you can drag these objects to any position of your choice and even flip and rotate until it’s well placed.

Page management: It’s often bothersome when you’re unable to add a comment or signature to your PDF. PDF expert helps in this regard as you can choose to scan the signature of even use the trackpad on your computer. The page manager feature also allows you to append files, copy & paste, amongst other essential features. You also get to switch between all your PDFs using the tabbed interface.

PDF size management: A tool that allows you to merge, extract, and replace PDFs effectively is quite handy. The alternative PDF editors allow you to carry out all of these tasks seamlessly with just a few clicks. Also, you can reduce the file size of your PDF to make it easier to transfer to other devices. The possibility of shrinking the file size also helps when you’re looking to upload it to the internet.

Relative pricing: One factor that’s always a great determinant for most people when looking for new tools is the pricing. When you compare the pricing of Adobe Acrobat editor to its alternatives, you’d be fully convinced that you’re getting yourself an enormous deal.

Final Thought
Adobe Acrobat has often been perceived as the go-to tool for PDF editing. There are many cheaper and more efficient alternatives to the Adobe Acrobat PDF editor. This article points to some of these alternatives.

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