The Market’s Leading Retractable Garden Hose Reel

by Douthitt Steve

If you own a garden, you probably understand the importance of a garden hose and a hose reel. A garden hose is used for watering and cleaning applications, while the hose reel is used to store and work the garden hose. These two tools are essential. This means that you need to ensure you get the best of them. GiraffeTools is one of the leading manufacturers of hoses and hose accessories like hose reels. The GiraffeTools Retractable garden hose reel is one of the best products in the market. Before we recommend that you shop now for this product, below is a list of things you need to know about this retractable garden hose reel.

What makes GiraffeTools Retractable Garden hose reel the best product in the market?

Below are some features of the GiraffeTools Retractable Garden hose reel that make it a great product;

1. Design

You should know about this product before you shop; it features a wall-mount design. This design is ideal because it allows you to save space instead of occupying your garden, yard, or deck space. The design also means that you do not have to unmount and store it in your garage after use.

It is also worth mentioning that the retractable garden hose reel is easy to install. It comes with a single bracket and a couple of screws that you use to mount it on your wall. The few mounting elements mean that it will not take you a lot of time to mount or amount it when need be. Thus, to allow for easier assembly, the product comes with an easy-to-follow installation manual. Therefore, you do not need professional assistance for the task.

2. Usability

This retractable garden hose reel is also effortless to use. Below are some elements that promote its ease of use;

  • Efficient locking mechanism– the garden hose reel can lock at any length. The locking mechanism is highly efficient, and it can lock at any length.
  • Stable retractable system-It is also easy to operate as all you have to do is pull it gently to retract the hose. When you have completed your work with the hose, you simply let go of it, and it will go back onto the reel. However, you ought to ensure that there is no obstacle along the way. The retractable mechanism is perfectly designed to wind the hose neatly automatically.
  • Size– the hose reel can feet hybrid hose reels featuring lengths of between 90 to 130 feet. It can also be used for ½ and 5/8 (width) hoses.
  • 180-degree rotation-this element ensures that you get full coverage of your garden without having to move the garden hose reel from its mounting position.

3. Security

This retractable garden hose reel features other security elements to protect your hose from damages other than the locking mechanism. For instance, it features an abrasion-resistant micro shield. It is made of industrial-grade copper joints coated with aluminum. These elements help protect your garden hose from premature wear and tear.


The features mentioned above are testament to the fact that the GiraffeTools Retractable Garden hose reel is the best product of its kind in the market. Note that, in addition to the features mentioned above, the product is also affordable.

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