Selecting the best online CNC machine shop

by Douthitt Steve

The idea of an online CNC machine shop wasn’t random and accepted until a few years ago. Getting designers and engineers that could produce parts through CNC machining was not just difficult, but it was also time-consuming, especially if your company isn’t close to a CNC shop.

This is why more manufacturers should use an online CNC machine shop for convenience and fast delivery. When you get a CNC quote from such online shops, it’s easier for you to compare prices with others and get the best price value.

Now, there are several CNC shops around. When you search on Google or Bing, thousands of online CNC machine shops will pop up. But not all of them are equal in terms of capacity and service delivery. How do you know the best one to choose?

Here are some things to look out for when choosing the right online CNC machine shop

What to look out for when choosing the best online CNC machine shop

1. Getting quotes should be easy

Getting a CNC quote from an online machine shop should be super easy, as easy as submitting a form online. If form submission can be fast, direct and as secure as transferring intellectual property via mail, the same should be said of uploading parts of a 3D model.

It should include drawings and specific instructions on what features, requirements, and the kind of materials should be used.

Advanced online CNC machine shops have 3D viewers and other complicated tools that enhance tool and design review. Find out what type of features the shop has.

2. Accuracy and Tolerance

You shouldn’t ignore any errors because it’s an online shop. Most machine shops have strong limitations that stretch beyond standard tolerances, especially when it has to do with milling parts.

This is because they run on automated systems that read designs based on the 3D model but ignore the print. It’s quite useful in the product’s early stages but will be detrimental when there are more complicated specifications.

If you want your product to be accurate and match up to specifications, then look for a machine shop that has that track record.

3. The best materials

The online CNC machine shop should offer the best materials. A shop that has experience with various types of equipment is a good sign that they have what it takes to create the products you desire, both currently and in the future.

Machining services can be quite expensive when there is a higher consequence. When you understand what the manufacturer is willing to compromise on, you can build a better work relationship.

4. Independent quality assurance team

The online CNC machine shop must have an independent quality assurance team. It doesn’t matter how good the engineer is or how long the company has been in business. During the machining process, the QA team is in charge of inspecting operations and checking requirements.

They also perform the final inspection, either to approve or disprove the project. They help to keep the manufacturing team in check.

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