Points To Note When Selecting Nail Art Brushes

by Douthitt Steve

Nail art is a creative form of painting, drawing patterns, and enhancing designs on both finger and toenails. There are several nail art techniques available for women and also men wishing to get the service. Correct nail art tools are needed for manicures (manucure) to achieve the desired outcome. An example of a tool is brushes found in various types, sizes, and shapes such as detail, flat, and a fan brush. In this extract, we discuss factors to consider when choosing nail art brushes.

1. Type of Brush

There are two types of nail art brushes, i.e., natural and synthetic brushes. Natural brushes bristles are made from animal hair. When different animals are used, brushes tend to have different textures, some being softer or firmer than others. Sable brushes are the best you can get and very long-lasting. Synthetic brushes have human-made hair bristles that fray easily and have a shorter life span. However, vegan bristles with high-quality synthetic are being manufactured to reduce fraying, prolong durability and resist acetone.

2. Shape

The shape of the brush determines the kind of nail art technique to use. Some brushes are used to draw lines and geometric patterns like the stripper brush, while others with short bristles are for finer details like flowers. Flat brushes are loved more than oval or square since controlling them is easy, and they mimic the cuticle area.

4. Brush Point

Brushes may have sharp, rounded, angled, or squared points. Sharp points create beautiful and precise fine details. Some technicians use the traditional artists’ brushes due to the size options available and cut them down to make them shorter. Others customized normal brushes by reducing bristles to one or two to form a sharp point.

5. Quality

Brushes are sold in pieces or sets. Some sets, also called value sets, can go for as low as $30, while some stores sell one piece at the same retail cost. Value sets save you money, especially as a beginner, and provide cheap ways for you to experiment and grow your skills. In most cases, these brushes are not the best quality and wouldn’t be used by professionals. High-quality ones are pricier, have firm bristles, and are easy to control. Spending money on such an investment is necessary and worth it in the end.

6. Style

Individual style dictates the kind of brushes you go for. As a salon owner, you may want the brushes to blend in with your space regarding color or design. The brushes can be coded in different colors to tell them apart easily, be filled with glitter, or have a unique tail, e.g., a mermaid tail.

7. Brush Accessories

Manufacturing companies pack few accessories alongside the brushes, or some retailers gift the customer after making a purchase. Some brushes come with caps protecting the bristles from damage. Some have carrying cases or bags good for storage and easy movement.


Identifying the nail art technique is key since it’s the first step to choosing the right brush. All your nail art tools will depend on the services you want to offer to clients or, if home-based, your style. Use the tips given above for quick and easier shopping of brushes.

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