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Many businesses are becoming conscious of the need to protect the environment. This consciousness is now reflected in their environmentally aware gifts. People are not happy about the happenings in the environment and will like to help in some way or another. Hence, they are looking for eco-friendly promotions that will better their lives. By giving out eco-friendly promotional gifts (know more), you are telling people you care about Earth.

Best Environmentally Friendly Promotional Gifts

Thinking green should be the goal of every business that wants to thrive in this time and age. Besides, environmentally aware gifts have gone way beyond reusable tote bags. They now span different sectors like electronics, beauty products, etc. 

Environmentally friendly promotional gifts are made with 100% natural materials. Here are the best environmentally friendly promotional gifts you can use to get the word out:

Environmentally Notebook with pen

Notebooks have been gift items for a very long time. You can make yours stand out with the quality of paper you use and how well you design them. Made of 100% natural products, this gift item has to be water-resistant, acid-free, and tree-free. Also, you can make it insect resistant, grease resistant, tear-resistant, and anti-static. 

You can imprint your company logo, name, contact info, and/or messages in different parts of the gift. Choose very beautiful sheets, sturdy binding and attach a branded ballpoint pen to it. Your customers will love it.

Friendly Promotional Gifts

Reusable Travel Cups

Traveling is fun but can be quite dehydrating. When traveling, you need to take water and other liquid to keep your throat from being dry. Reusable travel cups are eco-friendly products that are well appreciated by people. Your customers do not even have to travel to use them. They can have one of these branded travel cups in the car or while on the move. This drinkware is popular because it will keep liquid insulated and sealed.

Friendly Promotional Gifts

Lunch bag

Lunch is one meal of the day most people do not joke with. Lots of people are ditching plastic bags for lunch bags now. They can be light, flexible, and made of all-natural products. You can brand lunch bags to look very beautiful and make everyone happy as you save the environment.

Sustainable footwear

Eco-friendly promotions do not really require very bulky or expensive gifts. There are many eco-friendly shoes that are soft, beautiful, and cozy. You can pick out of the different 100% natural materials to use for your brand. Check out companies producing all-natural shoes and choose the best for your brand. 

Reusable water bottles

It is about time you ditched plastic water bottles for more sustainable options. Reusable drinkware will look great when branded in colors that will catch attention. And since most people take their water bottles with them, you should brand them as well. As a gift item, you can be sure that many people will see and admire these branded water bottles.

bag - Friendly Promotional Gifts

Eco-friendly can insulators

This is a gift a lot of people will appreciate because it is very versatile. There are collapsible design options to fit into small bottles and cans. Brand these insulators with your company colors, logo or messages and give them out. Your customers will be processing these messages while sipping on their favorite beverage.

Reusable metal straws

Most busy people do coffee take-outs, and those plastic straws are not very eco-friendly. You can change this by introducing reusable metal straws to clients as gifts to reduce waste. These new-age straws come in different designs and styles. Some of them have extendable lengths and casings with rubber tips. The recipients of these environmentally aware gifts will appreciate such beautiful branded straws. They can always have one in their bags to use whenever the need arises.

Reusable jute tote

Reusable jute totes are a conscious effort for reducing wastes while shopping. You will do well to imprint your logo, message, and/or details on it. This promotional item, made from 100% natural vegetable fiber, will look great. You can add cotton web handles to make it more convenient and comfortable to carry around. 

shopping bag - Friendly Promotional Gifts

Recycled caps

Clothing items are going green too! With lots of people wearing caps in the summer, you can seize a big opportunity there. Let people know you love the environment by gifting them some stylish, branded caps. You can choose between low profile and high-profile caps – but make sure they are 100% sustainable. Make an impression that will last for a long time by embroidering your logo on recycled cap gifts.

Environmentally friendly adhesive cube

This pad of Sticky Notes is the perfect gift for corporate offices and even home use. Made in cube format, you can display your brand in any area you like. Your logo, business name, and other info will look great on all four sides of the cube. The top of each Sticky Note sheet can carry your logo and image. More so, this pad will be on top of a table or desk and people will draw lots of attention. Giving out eco-friendly adhesive cubes could make a lasting impression.

Recyclable Flying Discs

Flying discs are great for outdoor events and will be nice to use for your eco-friendly promotions. Gifting branded flyers will increase awareness of the fun-loving side of your brand. It is often made out of biocomposite material and recyclable plastic. You will be promoting exercise and eco-friendly actions by giving away this product.

Friendly Promotional Gifts

Wooden products

Wood is a sustainable product that serves as the main alternative to plastic products. Bamboo, for instance, is 100% natural. You can use bamboo to make utensils, kitchen sets, toys, household items, and office decor. When you order for these products, ensure you get them branded. They will make great gift items.


Upgrade your business marketing strategy this season by embarking on eco-friendly promotions. While promoting sustainable practices in your office, give out eco-friendly promotional gifts. This is a great way to save the environment and create brand awareness at the same time. We are sure the environmentally aware gifts mentioned here will appeal to you. If you have any demand for promotional gifts, welcome to inquire us at Zigpac.

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