Between Custom Packaging and Stock Packaging, Which One Is The Best?

by Douthitt Steve
custom packaging

Product packaging is the art and technology of enclosing products for distribution. Some people define it as the science of enclosing or protecting goods for storage, sale, and application. It is a crucial element in business and involves a lengthy process of designing, testing, and producing the most suitable packages for various products.

There are two main types of packaging; stock and custom. Stock packaging is the standard use of generic boxes of envelopes, while custom packaging involves brands coming up with custom designs and styles based on their products. Companies like Deepking work hard towards coming up with the best custom marketing products in the market. In this post, we look at the upsides and downsides of custom and stock packaging.

Stock packaging


  • One of the main advantages of stock packaging is the fact that it is less costly. The reason is that there isn’t much work involved in designing the packages, and the amount of material used is also less.  
  • It is as well fast and effortless to get stock packaging than the latter. This is because the designs of the packages are not subject to a lot of work.


  • Stock packaging does not offer any form of distinction between your product and the competition
  • This form of packaging wastes a lot of material because it is not built for a specific product
  • As a marketing tool, stock packaging is not as effective as the latter.

Custom packaging


  • The main advantage that custom packaging has over the latter is the fact that it catches the eye of the customer more. The reason is because of the incorporation of elements like graphic designs, Logos, images, and other details.
  • Custom packaging is also a better marketing tool than the latter. This is because it helps to bring more awareness to the brand with details like brand name and logo.
  • Custom packages also provide a better fit for specific products because they are designed with the products in mind.
  • The amount of material wasted in custom packaging creation is less compared to the latter. This is because the packages are designed to fit specific products; hence there is no need to create unnecessarily large designs.
  • Custom packaging gives a product a more refined and professional look that helps to make it stand out from the competition.


  • Custom packaging requires a larger amount of commitment, especially when it comes to coming up with the best design. This is because of the several factors that the designers have to consider when coming up with the design.
  • Custom packaging is also a larger investment than the latter. This means that more money is used in designing the details and their location on the packaging.


At first sight, custom packaging seems to have more advantages than the latter. However, different brands have different opinions. Small businesses may decide to go for stock marketing due to lack of finances, while e-commerce brands may choose the latter because of the marketing benefit.

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