List of Supplies You Need for Auto Detailing

by Douthitt Steve

Car detailing is the process of maintaining the good look of your vehicle. The process includes cleaning, restoring, and putting final touches to make it look brand new. Detailing is now included in the basic car maintenance. This is done to save the car owners from costly repairs due to dirt and debris accumulated in the different parts that might affect its appearance.

You can do the car detailing on your own. All you need to have are the right auto detailing supplies and some knowledge on how to use them properly.

List of car detailing supplies

Below are some of the supplies you will need for auto detailing:

Sponges and Towels

Believe it or not, these two are the most essential tools you will need to start your car detailing chores. Some are questioning the use of sponges in cleaning the exterior of your car. But because of its absorbent properties, it is the best tool when working on the lather on your car’s surface.

Use the sponges on areas where it doesn’t easily get scratched. For cleaning sensitive parts, you can use microfiber towels. You will use the towels not just for washing your car but for drying it as well.

Professional Cleaning Products

Choosing the best cleaning products might give you a hard time. Some of the professional cleaning products include the soaps, shampoos, sealants, car wash equipment, car wax, car polish, and a lot more. The easiest way to find the right product is to check the label and its ingredients. Make sure that you choose the one that is tough on dirt but gentle on your car’s surfaces.

The main purpose of car detailing is to remove the surface contaminants, provide protection to your car, and clean the surfaces. This will keep your car protected from getting damaged easily.

Wax and Sealant

A car detailer needs to have a reliable car wax and sealant in his supplies. These two products will complete the detailing done on the car. Good car wax will not just make your car shiny and glossy. It will also keep the surface protected against the damaging effect of the UV radiation, bird droppings, dust, and other debris.

Waxes serve as an additional layer of protection so that any dirt can be wiped out easily. Invest in a premium quality paint sealant, for lasting protection. These quality products are made of synthetic polymers to provide the kind of protection your car requires.

Car Vacuum Cleaner

You can clean your car by removing the dirt and scrubbing as much dirt as you can that is trapped on the floor. But you cannot remove everything by doing it manually. You need a good car vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt from hard to reach areas. It is one of those car detailing supplies that you must have.

These are only some of the auto detailing supplies that you need to have. Brush, polisher, water hose, pad washer, and blower will complete your auto detailing supplies. Cleaning and restoring your vehicle are not that difficult. All you need to do is to equip yourself with the essential tools and you can complete the job easily.

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