Is Blockchain the Future of Cryptocurrency?

by Douthitt Steve

One of the most important things, you should about blockchain is that it is the distributor ledger technology that all cryptocurrencies use.

So, whenever you hear about any cryptocurrency, a blockchain activity should come to mind. And just in case you did not know, blockchain is in charge of the system for recording all digital transactions.

Blockchain holds the records and documents the transactions that happen in a particular type of cryptocurrency.

To say it in simpler terms, blockchain is a ledger. This ledger holds copies of transactions distributed across each member of a computer network. That explains why it is very secure.

Everyone you know has probably heard of bitcoin before. This is because bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies became very popular not too long ago.

Knowing that blockchain technology is fast growing among businesses and organizations around the world, and across large industries, there is a possibility that blockchain will experience the next boom.

With the ongoing activities in the world of cryptocurrency right now, there is no doubt that blockchain will surface as the ultimate and most important crypto innovation the world has ever seen.

Here are some reasons.

Payments Across Border

Transferring money between international borders can be slow and tight traditionally. This is not the case with blockchain.

Blockchain has the technology to fasten international financial transactions at a cheaper rate. This an easier and cheaper way to pay money internationally.

It is much more convenient than the normal or traditional way of carrying out financial transactions internationally.

Blockchain also guarantees real-time transaction speed and for a fraction of the usual 20pecent of remittal for traditional cross-border financial transactions.

Smart Contracts

Everyone knows that a smart contract is a highly powerful application belonging to blockchain tech. there are not physical contracts.

They are computer programs that oversee all aspects of certain agreements from the beginning until the agreement has been facilitated.

Smart Contract is secure and automated. It cheaper, faster a better alternative to traditional contract law. With the right condition on contract law, it self-executes and self-enforces.

Identity Management

Blockchain tech has acknowledged that people can have their private information stolen and it has put measures in place to make sure that the private information of its users is secure.

The internet age has people online regularly trying to steal the identity of others and benefit from whatever there is to benefit from.

All measure is in place to keep your information safe. And your money even safer. Blockchain makes use of an independent verification process.

This process is used to approve transaction blocks as a part of security before they can be added to the chain.

The security mechanism can be applied to verification methods without a hassle. This and many other regulations available are what make blockchain security the best in the digital currency market.


There are so many reasons to look to blockchain as the future of cryptocurrency in the world. Blockchain is already the distribution ledger, it can be said that blockchain has the best security too.

All fingers point to the world of blockchain as the ultimate cryptocurrency on the planet.

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