Factors to Consider When Selecting a Large Sculpture

by Douthitt Steve
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A sculpture is a form of art with three dimensions, made of different materials and techniques. The term is often used to describe works of art, but they vary in size, i.e., some are small while others are large sculptures that are often used for outdoor decorations or attached to buildings. Large sculptures are more engaging and attractive, as you can view them from different angles and adorn an entire space, unlike a painting hanging on a wall. In this writeup, we discuss factors to put into consideration before buying a large sculpture.

Essential Tips to Consider Before Making a Large Sculpture Purchase

  • Buy What Makes You Happy

Choose what you love and stick to your taste and style. It can be contemporary, native, religious, traditional, personal, realistic, etc. Also, buy from a well-known dealer who can help you and advise you accordingly on all sculptures for informative decision making.

  • Placement of Sculpture

Provide a level location with proper grading. Make sure the area has adequate drainage to prevent excessive water from accumulating at the base of your famous large sculptures. Large pieces act as focal points and draw attention from afar; therefore, consider the view from in front, around and also from a distance.

  • Choice of Material

Sculptures come in a wide range of materials and can be customized according to your liking. For traditional and formal spaces, materials like limestone and concrete are recommended due to their color and style. However, bronze and metal offer flexibility; thus, they are suitable for use in different designs of modern sculpture. In terms of durability, metal is the best while limestone and concrete weather over some time.

  • The Size

Where you intend to place the sculpture directly influences the size of it. For a focal point, bigger is better, but do not let the sculpture over-shadow your space. The purpose is also essential, e.g., if you are buying it to act as a tourist attraction, a bigger size is better.

  • Develop a Protection Plan

Outdoor sculptures are regularly exposed to weather elements and are also prone to distractions, especially from people. You should even know whether the company you are buying from is willing to install it for you since they will ensure it is secure in its location and also its base is sturdy enough for its weight and size.

  • Plants You Want to Incorporate

The plants you choose should either complement the color of the sculpture without taking away its style. Secondly, they should be smaller such that they don’t cover the sculpture or backdrop. Think about how the plants coincide with the sculpture’s views throughout the year in terms of seasons.

  • Insurance Cover

Also, consider a cover that will take care of all kinds of damages and losses, e.g., breaking. Talk to different providers to get the most suitable cover and be prepared for any adverse effects.

Bottom Line

Large sculptures can make or break the look of an area or space. Take into account all considerations before making your decision, and you are guaranteed that whichever sculpture you choose will look great.

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