Guide to Starting Your Flexography Business

by Douthitt Steve

Are you planning to start a new business? You should consider flexographic printing as there is little competition in this industry. In this case, you will be printing on paper and other materials with the use of flexible plates. According to you will find starting a flexography business a lucrative and exciting experience.

Do Research

The first step is to carry out adequate research about flexography. You need to find out information about the different processes involved. The internet has a lot of resources that can help you. It is advisable to get hands-on experience by working in a flexographic shop, so you understand how different machines work.

Create a Business Plan

As an entrepreneur, you need a plan. Your plan should detail various aspects of the business and the equipment and financing you need. Also, you should write down your business goals. The good thing about having a business plan is that it can steer you in the appropriate direction. As you come up with a business plan, you should apply for relevant business permits. Also, you should know the requirements and laws you should adhere to.

Buy Flexo Printing Machine

As you know, you cannot run a flexo printing business without having appropriate equipment. Thus, you need to purchase a flexo printing kit. This comprises printing sleeves, software, and inks. If you have a limited budget, you can get used equipment. Another option is to lease the equipment. Moreover, you need to keep looking for opportunities and deals.

Business Location

You need time to determine the best location for your flexography business. It is advisable to locate your business far from competitors. Start by searching for adequate space for the flexo printing equipment, furniture, and other things needed to do the job.

Set Up a Storage System

You should set up a storage system for the printing inks and sleeves. Ideally, ensure your storage solution protects the sleeves from damage. Moreover, it should make it easier for you to locate materials and things you need for printing. As you know, flexography sleeves are quite expensive and they can be damaged when not stored as required. Ensure you find a storage solution that boosts your productivity.

Test the Equipment

After installing the equipment and getting all things you need for flexographic printing, you need to test the equipment. You should carry out some production runs to ensure everything is ready. This does not mean you should waste any supplies or time. Instead, you should use the production runs to create your marketing and advertising items.

Find Your Customers

After setting up your flexography shop, you need to create flyers, posters, and online ads to promote it. This will help you find the first clients. The best option is to contact business owners near you and ask for orders. If you have money, you can advertise in newspapers. Ensure you offer high-quality flexography printing services to retain your clients. In this way, you can get more customers from referrals and recommendations from existing customers.

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