Industries Where Hose Reels Are Applied

by Douthitt Steve

A hose reel is a device where hoses are wound. The primary role of a hose reel is to store hoses in various industries. It is worth noting that you cannot use these hoses while they are on the hose reel. Regardless, you do not have to get the entire hose off the reel for use. The device allows you to pull out the amount of reel you need and lock the rest. Hose reels come in a wide range of styles and designs. They can be categorized based on their materials, like heavy-duty hose reels, or based on their mounting technique, like freestanding hose reels. In this post, we discuss hose reel applications. 

Applications of hose reels

Contrary to popular belief, hose reels are used for more applications than in gardens. Below are the primary applications of hose reels in various industries;

1. Agriculture

The most common application of hose reels is in the agriculture sector. In this sector, hoses, also known as garden hoses, are applied for a wide range of uses. For instance, garden hoses are used for irrigation purposes. Irrigation is the core of the success of gardening and farming. This speaks to the significance of hoses. Therefore, garden hoses need to be maintained with care. This is where hose reels come in. They help keep or care for garden hose reels by preventing kinking and coiling, which results in breakage.

Additionally, working with a garden hose is not easy. Especially if it is long, you will be forced to spend several minutes unkinking or uncoiling the hose reel and putting it back together before storage. Garden hose reels eliminate these challenges. They make using garden hose reels effortless.

2. Military

In the military, hoses are applied for a wide range of applications. For instance, they are used for fuel and water delivery and cable storage, to name a few applications. In each of the applications mentioned above and more, hose reels are pretty beneficial. Military hoses are prone to a wide range of harsh conditions. Therefore, it would help get a hose reel that can protect and make using the hose effortless.

3. Plumbing and firefighting

In the plumbing industry, cables are used for tasks like cleaning the drains. In this area, high-pressure hoses are required. Therefore, high-pressure hose reels are also a perfect option in this scenario.

On the other hand, hose reels are applied for holding the hoses carrying water to stop the fire in the firefighting sectors. These hose reels are uniquely designed to withstand the pressure of the water used in this case. They are also constructed to be indestructible. This element makes them corrosion and rust-resistant.

For this reason, these products are typically made from a strong coated steel frame. These materials enable the hose reels to hold up to hundreds of feet worth of hoses.


In addition to the applications mentioned above, hose reels can also be applied in robotics, welding, and hydroseeding sectors, to name a few. Note that the different sectors apply varying types and hose reel designs. For instance, in firefighting, freestanding hose reels are used, while in gardening, wall-mounted hose reels are preferred.

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