Identifying A Suitable Model Making Firm

by Douthitt Steve

A model making firm designs physical scale models for projects around the world by turning sketches into 3D objects. The projects include hospitals, parks, bridges, and office buildings. Today 3D scale model making is more than just a hobby; it is professional expertise. Model making companies now exist to exclusively design models. However, choosing the most qualified model maker to work with is not an easy feat. Experience, attention to detail, and creativity are the leading consideration when selecting the right firm. But how do you make the right pick? These are qualities to look for before settling for a model-making company

a. Education and training

Even though the art of designing exists within some architects, good education and training are paramount. There is no specific amount of training. However, more often than not, a college education places an architect at a better skillful designing position. The model designing firm you want to work with must have a team of well-qualified and trained personnel.

b. Creativity and design

A good model designer possesses top-notch creativity skills with an excellent sense of design. They look at things differently, and their designs stand out from the rest. You don’t want to have a basic design for your long planned project; thus, you better pick the best.

c. Adaptability

The architectural field is prone to many changes and advancements. A successful 3D-scale model-making company should be able to adapt to the changing environment fast and efficiently. For example, if curves and arches are the newest trends for kitchen designs, the firm should infuse this new trend effortlessly into their projects.

d. Excellent communication skills

The company listens to its clients and translates their thoughts to a real-life structure. It is crucial that the company comprehensively bring out the clients’ imagination and excitement, which is only achievable if they have great listening skills.

In most cases, architects have to work with interior designers and engineers in bringing a model to life. They have to share their visions of a particular design to help its making, which isn’t possible without good communication skills.

e. Technical skills

Designing a model does not only involve attaching Styrofoam with paste and positioning miniatures. Architects need to be knowledgeable of the current technology used in architecture, e.g., AutoCAD.

f. An authentic website

A good website is the first requirement for a modern model designer.

The company must not lack an online website. Project images are not enough to convince potential clients to work with a company. The page needs to reassure potential clients that they have found the right company that understands and will fulfill their needs. A detailed description, coupled with your project images, should do a good job of presenting a company to clients.

g. Attention to detail

In the architectural world, excellence is in the details. A detailed project begins with the drawing. The plan and design should be to scale. A physical 3D model designer must be precise when cutting out parts of the projects.

Final Thoughts

A good model-making company has a well put together website. It is good if the staff is well trained and possess excellent communication skills. The works of the company should also exhibit great attention to detail, creativity, and adaptability.

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