How to Start an LED Screen Controller Rental Business

by Douthitt Steve

Purchasing an LED screen controller, and renting it out is becoming a popular business for most emerging entrepreneurs. The LED technology is also becoming affordable for most people as individuals are quickly looking for ways to gather with a screen at the front. Here is an introductory course on the LED video controllers’ fundamental basics, something very suitable for rental LED screen industry for revenue generation.

Describing the LED screen controller technology

The mobile LED screen technology is designed on a set of different wheels, including trailers. Some of the benefits of using this technology include daytime viewing, perfect set-up operation, coupled with durability.

Other than that, the technology comes with a broad range of items of different sizes ranging from 8 feet wide to 30 feet.

The devices are designed to ensure visibility for crowds from various places. They are rented out to companies hosting events, businesses, and, lastly, individuals.

Some of the content that can be displayed include cameras, web streams, and live television.

Basics of startups

To start an LED video controller startup, you should first buy the LED screen. Pricing ranges from $9,000 to about $80,000, depending on what you shall get on the market.

Even though this is a significantly large investment to consider putting in business, the overhead cost is low. Your operating cost should be the storage unit costs, fuel, and lastly, travel.

You may also rent out the screen and the controller for just about $ 5,000 daily so that you recoup the cost of investment as soon as you can.

Then you need also to learn the product. If you want to accomplish this, you can check out the company from which you bought the screen as it will teach you how to run the machine and hence, business.

You may learn just about everything you want to know in a few hours.

Additionally, it would help if you had the business generate income. Read on to learn more about the types of clients you may encounter.

Customers to expect

Drive-in event customers who know you are in the middle of a pandemic and that you can supply LED screens and their controllers to their events will hire you.

  • Drive-in displays will allow people to gather in a community, even in a quarantined place like their car.
  • Roadside advertising where event managers rent temporary digital boards for signage, directions, and advertising
  • Community events where parks and recreation workers rent out LED screen controllersfor movies and special events
  • Private clubs where events that need outdoor viewing can be held, making that LED screen controller an ideal choice for such

Bottom Line

LED screens and controllers are becoming more popular by the day. They are useful for various startups companies that need service delivery of that kind. Even applications often range from the basic backyard parties to events attended to by thousands of people. If you would like to capitalize on the trend, follow the tricks and tips above, and watch your business grow.

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