How Much Does A Pool Pump Cost?

by Douthitt Steve

Thinking of getting a pool? Getting the right pool pump is probably the best money-saving decision you will make on the project. The first step to understanding pool pump cost is to do a little research.

Like every other product in the market, some consumers may prefer to use an Aquagem pool pump. This is of course a great choice.

Your choice of a pool pump is, however, determined by its usage intent. That means if you want a pump for a small pool, you probably need a smaller pool pump.

Now that you understand how the intended usage determines the type and strength of the pool pump you need to buy, you might wonder why you even need to spend money on quality pool pumps.

Why Do You Need A Pool Pump?

Some call the pool pump the heart of the pool. This is because it is mostly responsible for the circulation of water in the pool.

Just like the human heart, the circulation system maintained by the pump is essential for the pool to function smoothly. Your pool is not a pool if it does not have a functional pool pump.

Without a functioning pool pump, all you have is nasty slimy water, green and algae infested. And as you would expect, bacteria can harm you.

The pool pump makes it possible for the water in the pool to be pushed through the different cleaning processes. Without a pool pump, there is no pool.

The Pool Pump: How Much?

You can find a pool pump that costs about $200 to $1,500. Yet, the type, design, and power are the main determinants of the prices.

In detail, a single-speed pool pump is between $200 to $600. A variable speed pump can be bought between $500 to $ 1,400.

To understand the pricing of the pool pump market, you should understand the differences in the pool pump.

You should also understand why a low-speed variable speed pump is worth more or the same price as a single-speed model of a pool pump.

Proper research will expose why people value a low-speed variable speed pump more than they value a single-speed model.

If you intend to start the project of buying and installing your pool, you are looking to spend a national average of between $700 to $1300. An in-ground variable speed pool pump might cost you about $1000.

You can choose to go for a much cheaper option of a $400 single-speed pool pump or go big with a $5,400 solar pool pump installed under the supervision of plumbing and electrical professionals.

Pool pumps are designed differently by different manufacturers and for specific attributes such as durability, energy efficiency, ease of use, and portability.


Before you choose the type of pool pump to buy, proper research is important. With research, you will know why there are different types and make a final decision on a cost-effective price and design that suits you.

There’s no doubt that with this, you’ll make the right decision. You just need to take the first step.

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