How To Choose The Best Wrinkle Chaser Model?

by Douthitt Steve

A lot of times, when people ask the question “what is a wrinkle chaser?”, they would like to know about the machine that allows them to get wrinkles out of shoes. Some equipment specializes in ironing and smoothening a wide variety of shoes.

Large shoe making machine companies make wrinkle chaser machines, and other shoemakers can purchase them. However, if you are buying a wrinkle chaser, there are a handful of things to consider. The article highlights five features you need to consider for a wrinkle chaser.

  • Steam Power

Most wrinkle removal equipment uses steam in the actual wrinkle removal process on the shoes. A wrinkle chaser that has a reliable steam power is much better to remove wrinkles on shoes. It allows the operator to finish the procedure in lesser time. Also, the auto-refill mechanism is an advantage. It adds more convenience than machines that don’t have it.

  • Working Temperature

In addition to high steam power, you should consider a machine with high working pressure and temperature. Working air temperatures around 400°C are ideal for removing upper wrinkles on shoes. Overall, The high temperatures combine with steam power to make the entire procedure fast and efficient.

  • Power Consumption

You must consider the amount of power a wrinkle removing machine draws at an instance. Hot air blower shoe machines tend to consume a lot of energy, but the ones that consume a little less are better for the job. Some wrinkle chaser models consume as much as 20% less power than other conventional types, making them more energy-efficient for the job.

Also, look out for advanced power properties such as heat reuse and recycle mechanism. It allows the operator to keep efficiency at a high.

  • Air Quality

A wrinkle chaser should be able to work on a wide variety of shoe types. The quality of air that the machine uses to smoothen shoes needs to be appropriate for different shoe colors. One of the ways a wrinkle removal equipment improves its air quality is by leaching. It ensures that it removes impurities before the air passes through for operation. It would be best if you consider machines that leach the air before they heat it. They work well on light-colored shoes.

  • Hammering Head

What is a wrinkle chaser without the hammering head? The hammering head on a shoe machine has the function of pummeling the shoes to shape, as you get the wrinkles out of it. It is an essential addition to a wrinkle removal machine. It lets you spend less time on wrinkly areas of the shoe, such as the upper part.


Picking the right shoe machine for the job shouldn’t be a difficult task. The goal is to find equipment that can remove wrinkles from as many shoe types as possible. It helps to save money. It would help if you also consider newer models over conventional ones. The newer models tend to have more sophisticated and efficient features that allow the wrinkle removal process more streamlined.

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