Why buying watch time when starting a YouTube channel is crucial

by Douthitt Steve

For new content creators, it will be difficult to carve out a place for yourself. You might feel intimidated seeing just how many new YouTube channels are being started every day. You probably feel even worse when you find out that many of them are simply lost in the void. While most people feel inclined to buy 4000 hours of watch time, others are left confused.

After all, billions of videos are watched every day on this platform. If would be unrealistic, then, to expect that all the videos uploaded would get attention. But what can you do to stand out? How can you make your channel grow much faster than others and therefore attain greater heights?

The answer lies in a very simple and underestimated statistic; Watch Time. YouTube watch time is the total amount of time people have spent viewing the videos on your channel. It might not seem like much, but understanding this statistic will go a long way in helping you grow your channel. You would also like to know why buying YouTube watch time early in your channel’s lifetime is very important.

Watch time is your gateway to monetization.

You can’t make any money on YouTube with 0 minutes of watch time. But you also can’t make any money with 239,999 minutes of watch time. You need 240,000 minutes (4000 hours) before you can even apply for monetization on YouTube. Some YouTubers can accumulate that amount from a single video. But you aren’t those YouTubers. You’re a new content creator. And that’s why purchasing watch time at this point is extremely important. If you can buy 4000 hours from a reputable provider, you can simply cut to the chase and start earning money as soon as possible.

The more watch time you get, the more attention you will get.

YouTube can’t watch every single video and decide what videos to promote and recommend to other viewers. YouTube relies on cues like comments, likes, and watch hours to decide what videos and channels to promote. This is because YouTube wants people to watch videos on its platform for as long as possible. If your video has many watch hours, YouTube’s algorithm calculates that your content is engaging viewers, and puts your video in front of more people.

These processes feed off of each other until your video begins pulling in many views every day. However, you need a head start if you want to get to this point quickly. That’s why buying watch time is the most cost-effective and the least time-consuming way to start earning from YouTube.


Therefore, if you do start a YouTube channel, after deciding the niche you want to be in, upload as many videos as you want. But remember, your videos could be witty and interesting, but they could still get lost among the other millions of videos. Spend a little now to get more watch time on your early videos and then watch your channel grow faster with less effort. I mean, who doesn’t like a little boost.

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